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Answers to the pastwill not soothe your mind,but when the time is right,your future you will find.


A Battle for Fire

Growing up as an orphan in a Philadelphia group home, Chris Cho always imagined what his parents might have been like-but he never dreamed that his deceased father would leave him billions of dollars and the ability to create fire.

When Chris meets up with Princess Eira, the strong-willed daughter of an ice elemental from a hidden realm, their combined powers and prowess present a serious challenge to Chaoic, a demon of darkness scheming to conquer both of their worlds.


Can Chris, Eira, and their friends find the legendary fire relic once safeguarded by Chris's father? Or will they fail to live up to their potential and fall before an ancient evil?

About the Author

Jake Stehman is a debut author who was born right outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. A self-proclaimed movie junkie, Jake had always enjoyed a fast-paced, engaging story but struggled to find any books that held his interest.


Over the years, Jake began to find he was not alone in this sentiment. His job as a recruiter allowed him to speak with many high school and college students who spoke of similar stories, and he began to piece together what they all felt was missing. This information, along with an unfortunate layoff during the pandemic, drove Jake into not only writing something for himself, but also discovering a passion he never knew he had. He hopes that he can inspire more individuals to take on the hobby of reading with his works, while also scripting stories that show the growth one can make when moving into adulthood.


Jake has a bachelor’s degree from Lebanon Valley College where he studied business and has returned to the Talent Acquisition field when he is not writing. Personally, Jake is a lover of all sports and still enjoys watching movies whenever he can. He currently resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife and two beautiful young children.

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A Battle for Fire

A Battle for Fire allows a reader to join two coming of age main characters as they search to find their place in the world.

Expectations, self-doubt and even the humanization of their godly heroes make this a wild ride that anyone can connect with.

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“One of the first things that hooked me was the powerful descriptions of everything (characters, scenery, actions, etc.) They truly enhanced the reading experience and made the story feel even more magical.”

Allison Belter, 

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